Les Miserables sells all seats on opening day


The final scene of Les Mis as they sing their final song (photo Courtesy Abby Harvey)

Abby Harvey, Staff Writer

The musical, Les Mis, is based of off the novel, Les Miserables, written by Victor Hugo. The play explores controversial topics such as prostitution, corrupt government, and violence. The main character Jean Val Jean is played by Roman Banks and the whole musical is based on his life. The story all starts off with Jean val Jean about to go on parole. After being in jail for 19 years he is ready to leave prison and start his life on parole. Javert the correctional officer, played by Cannloai Fruit, has a distaste for Jean and only calls him by his prison number “24601”. Throughout the story, more characters are introduced and their personal stories are told. Fantine, played by Katherine Walls, was a factory worker but was fired due to the other workers. She was then forced to join the only other job available to women at that time, prostitution. Fantine became a prostitute to help try and pay for daughter living with the Thenardiers. Mrs. and Mr.Thenardier, played by Sydney Poole and Faraaz Roy, are hilariously terrible characters. Eponine, the Thenardiers daughter, is favored more by the Thenardiers than Cosette, Maya Gelting. She lives with the Thenardiers and used Cosette to get money from her mother. Cosette is then taken by Jean Val Jean because Fantine asked him to. The story fast forwards about 15 years and shows new characters such as Gavrouche (israle getachew), Enjolras (Colton Sims), and more. The French Revolution is on the brink and the rich kids try to help the poor by fighting. Gavrouche is a fan favorite since he is a little kid and acts very wise.

The spectacular performance took place on April 21-23 in the Parkview Theater. Mrs. Marrow the Theater director, along with all of the actors and actresses, worked very hard to pull this musical off. They succeed while leaving the Parkview auditorium everyone was talking about the excellent singing and acting that just took place. Les Miserables, a controversial play, was loved and adored by the audience and parents.

Israel Getachew, a sophomore, said his favorite part about being in the play was “My favorite part was probably dying in the second attack because it shows how unafraid he is and it somewhat relates to me because I like taking risks and was so glad I got to play Gavroche” This is one of the musicals that will go down in Parkview’s infamous theater history.