Parkview’s varsity soccer has kicked off the year with new goals

Hermela Assefa, Staff Writer

Parkview’s varsity soccer has kicked off the year with new goals, plans to work on inter-team communications and defense. The team is focusing on communication to enhance their performances during games, “At practice, this looks like breaking them into groups and just running plays.” said Coach Daniel Klinect. Their first eight games were “Trying to see which boys could take a role that worked well with the team.” This hasn’t hindered their performance, considering as they are currently 7 to 2, so far this season. Senior Captain Max Carlson said, “It’s different with Coach Klinect; he expects a lot more than when Coach Tolmich was here.”
Working on communication entails having team dinners, playing Fifa together, and a favorite of forward Andrei Bajura, “Putting on music and just dancing together before games.” The team isn’t just working on communication; they’ve also been mindful in studying tapes in order to learn from their mistakes. Their efforts on communication seems to have translated onto the field as the team has 15 assists. Bajura commented that they have a lot of young players, and getting to know them means getting to know their position on the team. Team Captain Carlson is also working on this through leading by example, hoping that the team surpasses the expectations set by Coach Klinect.
This season is still underway with fundraising still going on and senior players making the most of their time. Many of the teams’ players also compete in other programs but are thankful and committed to Parkview’s. Carlson has plans to pursue soccer in college, along with his involvement in the Amature Football league. This, he says, is an advantage of Klinect’s involvement because he has connections with college scouts. When questioned on how his involvement in this program stacks up to Parkview’s, Carlson said, “Playing at Parkview is a different feeling, having your friends and family, and big crowd to watch you.” He says that playing fills him with excitement, for him a word synonymous to soccer.