Rifle team welcomes five new shooters


The rifle team kicked off their year at the Gary Anderson Tournament in Anniston, AL. (Photo Courtesy of Dana Gallagher)

Marie Stanford, Business Manager

Fourteen Parkview students are competing in what happens to be the quietest sport our school has to offer. With all the loud hustle and bustle that goes along with the majority of high school sports like soccer and football, rifle team is on a whole different playing field. Shooting at targets that are the size of a silver dollar takes immense concentration and dedication.
Many students might be confused about what exactly rifle team is because, although the sport is extremely interesting, it remains a mystery to many. Rifle shooting consists of shooting at targets that are 10 meters away and aiming to hit the center of the bull’s eye. A shooter gets 10 tries for each position, standing, kneeling, and prone, and each try can count up to 10 points, which means each position adds up to a total of 100 points. Ana Mayo, the second ranked shooter and a freshman at Parkview, revealed, “Shooting takes months and months to finally perfect since any slight movement or wrong position can throw off your whole entire shoot.”
The rifle team is a branch of ROTC and the only co-ed sport at Parkview. The goal is to make it to the Marine Corps championship in the spring, which are held in Las Vegas this year. In September, Sergeant Major Tootle held tryouts to accept fourteen team members to compete this year.
Once a shooter makes it onto rifle team, he or she stays on the team for the rest of their time at Parkview. The new team members, Ana Mayo, Ruksar Charania, Kai Teplitzky, Hannah Campbell, and Sophia Gooch, were chosen based on how they scored during the four day tryouts. These tryouts are long and brutal, allowing for only the toughest and strongest shooters to survive. Tootle said,“Tryouts are simply based off of highest rankings. There is a cutoff line, and the 14 shooters that reach that are on the team.”
The 14 rifle team members have been diligently practicing four days a week for the past few months, even though the area shoot offs don’t start until January. The shooters are trying to raise their scores to a 290 out of 300, which serves as the score to qualify for state. “Right now, I’m shooting at a 285,” Mayo commented. “I’m working really hard to raise it up to at least a 290.”
This year’s rifle team kicks off their season in Anniston, Alabama to shoot in the xxxx in December. The season will showcase many more tournaments.