SAVE/SADD explains the goal behind the 89%

Karen Ye, Cartoonist/Copy Editor

Throughout the buildings and hallways of Parkview, one might see the many signs advertising different clubs, events, and other activities. Some of the more intriguing signs hanging on the walls are the ones depicting “89%” with a plain blue background, revealing nothing more about its message. This cryptic statistic has left many students in the past month wondering: what does it all mean?

The posters are a part of a Students Against Violence Everywhere/Students Against Destructive Decisions (SAVE/SADD) campaign, a club available at Parkview. Part of their message is a commitment to protecting students and empowering others to prevent poor life-decision making, with previous campaigns during Red Ribbon Week alongside smaller fundraising events. “[This club] is basically against drugs and violence. We want to prevent bad things from happening to the students and our school to ensure a better future for everyone,” president Rumaisa Khan, sophomore, stated, “Our aim was to get people involved and get events going, such as Prom Promise. We’ve definitely met most of our goals for this year.”

“89%” is another one of SAVE/SADD’s promotional campaign. The statistic actually represents the percentage of students that do not and have not driven under the influence or accompanied someone who was driving under the influence and was chosen after much deliberation. Khan noted, “You might have seen the 81% signs hanging up last year. It was supposed to be 81% of students don’t do drugs. This year, we decided to tackle drunk driving. ”

Shortly after the first “89%” signs went up, another sign explaining the message behind the statistics went up as well. Sophomore Steven Nguyen commented, “I think it’s nice that they’re trying to advocate against drunk driving. 89% is quite high, but personally, I think it should be even higher than that. More students shouldn’t make the choice to drive while drunk.”