Muslim students of Parkview speak out against Islamophobia


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Anika Akbar, Business Manager

With terrorist organization Al Qaeda absent from recent news comes a more deadlier one called the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). But is ISIL truly, well, Islamic? There are those who believe that ISIL is conveying legitimate Islamic values, while those who are actual follower of Islam seem to know otherwise.

ISIL has caused an uproar in the news recently with their disastrous attacks, promoting more of those who practice judgment (and ignorance), to add islamophobia to their daily habits. As junior Medina Cusco states, “Because I’m a muslim, people are going to assume I am a terrorist.” But something  that the general population of Parkview doesn’t understand is how people can assume that they know all about a faith that they don’t genuinely follow, from one heinous group.

Senior Fariha Kazi believes that this is due to what the media is illustrating, stating, “People don’t really know the whole truth behind what’s portrayed in media. They only see what is shown in the news like the attacks going on,” continuing with, “It’s kind of scary of the thought of how others perceive it just based on what they see.” Kazi says she does not feel any different treatment from her peers, but the negative impacts that ISIL is bringing causes her to be more careful and cautious as not to instigate anything, for there are those who blame muslims for the ISIL attacks.

Fortunately, Kazi and Cusco don’t have to feel scared of being insulted by everyone. Sophomore Jeremy Levin believes that it’s actually really foolish to believe followers of a faith are responsible for the attacks of a hateful group. “Because the acts of one radical group are bad in a certain place, does not reflect and should not reflect on the religion as a whole.” With containing this knowledge, Levin says he has never felt any, and will never feel and negative thoughts towards any follower of the Islamic faith.

Those that keep an open mind no matter the situation know that Islam is actually a religion than encourages its followers to love everyone and practice nonviolence. “I just want people to know that the actions that are represented by these groups is not representing ideals of Islam,” Kazi states, “They even said they were going to destroy the Kaaba,” she adds with a laugh, “No, that’s stupid because first of all it’s one of the five pillars of Islam to make a pilgrimage.”

Blaming all the wrong people in  this situation will get everyone no where in creating a more peaceful world. By trying to hurt those who have nothing to do with what is occurring, it is only making the perpetrator stronger. However, until this is realized, Levin advises his Muslim peers facing any negativity, “Stay strong. This too shall pass.”