Varsity Baseball team celebrates national title


Rice, Jordan

Jordan Rice, Online/News Editor

Our Parkview Baseball team made school history by becoming national champions for the 2014-2015 year. This marks the second time (with the last being the 2012-2013 season) that Parkview has taken home the national 1st place trophy, and players and fans alike were elated at their success. They even received National Champion rings on October 9th to commemorate the season. Players have gained a great sense of accomplishment and what it means to work as a team, something that surely can follow them later on in life.

”Baseball has shown me the value of teamwork time after time in my four years.. We won because we were one of if not the most solid team Parkview has ever seen. Teamwork has always been the fundamental base we build our success on, and that is something I’ll keep with me for a long time,” said senior Corey Whitlock.

It was a very strong season overall, and the team maintained an excellent level of play for the entirety of the year. They totaled a record of 34-2-0 against a large number of very strong teams with close games occurring against schools like Archer and Pope, and even a recorded loss against the school’s longtime rival Brookwood. The championship games ended with an 8-1

The players also all appreciate the sense of camaraderie and community gained as a result of being part of a sports team.  Many of them recommend that others also join sports teams here at Parkview.