Impact Teens looks to build new relationships

Impact Teens looks to build new relationships

Grace Kim, Editor-in-Chief, Columnist

Every school year, dozens of new clubs spring up throughout Parkview, inviting students to get involved in a fresh and welcoming community. One club in particular, Impact Teens, looks to make a difference throughout the school by closing the gap between special needs students and the rest of the Parkview students.

While Impact Teens is not totally new, in the past there have been very few students actually willing to become members and devote their time to maintaining the club. The club was recently rebooted by Mrs. Heier, who teaches special education, as well as the club officers who applied for positions last spring. The officers, including Catherine Baron, Christina Rincon, Laure Fitzsimons, and Jahi Hamilton, and Joy Kim are diligently working to set the club into motion.

Catherine Baron, the social planner for the club, said, “I hoped that by joining and being the social planner I could help make this club fun for the special needs kids. They have the sweetest spirits, and they truly are examples as to how we should all be kind and friendly to everyone we meet. We have so much to learn from them.”

She was inspired to join the club after her special needs sister enjoyed being involved in the club. She also heard more about the club through Beta club.

Impact Teens meetings consist of fun ways to build relationships between students through games, activities, crafts, and making foods. At the first meeting in September, members played board games and “ice breaker” activities. At the October 20 meeting, members made Halloween-themed crafts and dessert treats. At the upcoming December meeting, there will be holiday themed crafts and the making of Christmas cookies. Each meeting brings new games, themes, and fun ways that allow special needs students to bond with other students. Meetings are usually on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

Impact Teens also looks to make a difference outside of school. Club Treasurer Christina Rincon, a senior, said, “We’re also looking into autism walks and other special-needs events. We’re striving to raising awareness while building relationships and impacting lives.”