Parkview’s Academic Team takes on High Q


Anika Akbar, Staff Writer

Cameras begin rolling, the lights glow at their brightest, and the competition gets fierce. For Parkview High School’s Academic Team, who recently competed last Sunday on WSB-TV’s High Q, these were not troubling facts.

High Q is a game show for high school students that airs every Sunday at 1:00 p.m. on Channel 2. This win was a great achievement for Parkview High, for they defeated previous year’s champions, Douglas County High School 710-530. In the beginning, the competition was tough. However, Sibo Wang, Brent Bessemer, Ansel Ahabue, and Keaton Law, the competitors on the show, quickly advanced until they were 180 points in the lead.

Rylan Wade, one of the coaches on Parkview’s Academic Team as well as a chemistry teacher, described High Q as being easier than regular competitions. “The questions we ask are usually a little bit harder because they get more obscure information first so it pays to know these obscure facts. And then, towards the end, they give you the well known facts that everyone should know and be able to answer,” Wade explained.

Surprisingly, the nervousness had little effect on the competitors, such as sophomore, Ansel Ahabue, who said, “I felt confident. High Q wasn’t filmed in front of a live studio audience, so it felt just like another match.” Both Wade and Sell had faith that their team could pull through the rough competition, and how right they were. After the show, Ahabue said, “I felt exhilarated, ‘cause you know, I couldn’t believe that we did it.” Wade says this is due to their hard work keeping up with the intensity during the match.

The competitors on High Q were not only team members, however. With a look of admiration, Ahabue said he felt his fellow competitors were like his older brothers, always encouraging him and patting him on the back whenever he answered a question. “We’re very cohesive people, and we’re all really nice to each other,” Ahabue explained.

After their accomplishment last Sunday, Wade said they will practice for their next tournament and High Q competition, which airs in February of next year. For now though, they will just spend some time celebrating and re-watching the episode to critique themselves on what they could do next time.