Cross country team races into new season with remarkable speed


Chris Tasker

Grace Kim, Editor-in-Chief

Long hours filled with intense drills, timed tempo runs, and endless stretches are nothing new to Parkview’s cross country team. The runners kicked off their practices early in the summer in the hopes of coming into the new season stronger and faster than ever. With 12 out of 14 of the top male runners having graduated in the past 2 years, the team has definitely felt the pressure to work harder.

The team has already raced in four invitationals, showing promising results. While the boys had a fairly rocky start to the season due to injuries unrelated to running, they managed to finish in 6th place at County. The girls got off to a very strong start, finishing in 3rd place at county, and they are currently ranked 8th in state.

The team’s powerful performance this season is partly due Coach Demarest’s increased confidence, which has spread to the team and helped the runners feel better prepared to push themselves. Last year was Coach Demarest’s first year as head cross country coach at Parkview, and since then he has found what methods work best to bring out the full potential of all of the runners.

“Last year was a learning experience for me as it was more responsibility than I’ve ever had before. This year, I’ve felt more prepared, and I think my team has felt more prepared, too. I’m more confident in my ability to lead them,” said Coach Demarest.

Coach Demarest’s effective methods, as well as his runners’ hard work, can be seen in the vast improvements this year. This past summer, the girls almost ran twice the number of miles than last year’s team, shedding off minutes from their times. Team member Melody Weiler showed off the sweet results of hard work by improving her place at State from 120th as a freshman to getting in the top 25 as a sophomore. As for the guys, many of the top boy runners have graduated, leaving a fairly young team with high potential and room for learning.

The team will be looking to prove themselves further at the Disney XC Classic on October 10th, where they will be up against around 50 teams from across the U.S. While it is not their most important race, they will be using a more aggressive strategy to test out their limits and abilities.

Overall, this season is very promising for the cross country team. While cross country doesn’t get as much coverage as other sports, support from fellow students is extremely important for the team. Students, teachers, or other community members who would like to show support for the cross country team can visit for the full running schedule. What better way to spend a Saturday morning than to encourage fellow students as they strive to break records?