The Re-emergence of the Prime Time Panthers


Kaylah Edwards, Staff Writer

Many high schools have dance teams that are a very important part of school sports, with some performing in place of, or along with, color guard teams at football games, and also as the main entertainment at basketball games. However, with the introduction of two new dance teachers over the past four years at Parkview High School and a year where there was not a dance team at all, the dance team, The Prime Time Panthers is finally back for good.

Under the new dance teacher, Mrs. Meyer, The Prime Time Panthers are stepping back onto the scene, hoping to step up the rep for Parkview Dance in Gwinnett County. Dance teacher Mrs. Meyer says, “It’s fantastic working with the students,” and she does not seem to have any worries about the upcoming year for the dancers. She has some changes in store for the dance team this year. She revealed that they would be looking to “make a dance team that looks at all aspects of dance,” stepping away from the traditional style of dance for high school dance teams. A more diverse style of dance for the dance team will definitely be entertaining for the crowds wherever they are performing, and hopefully bring the dance team to the next level, allowing Parkview Dance to be another aspect of our school to put us on the map.

Dance team captain, Senior Royãna McCalop , is excited about what they have planned for the upcoming year. She expressed that they definitely want to get out and perform more. They already plan to be at numerous events, including  home basketball games, the Lilburn Christmas Parade, the school parade, two dance competitions, and the school’s Holiday and Spring Dance Shows. Furthermore, she stated that other than having more performances this year, the way that the dance team is run will be different as well. “This year,” says McCalop, “there is more team input and it is a student effort, there is no coach.”  If it all goes well, Dance Team can become as permanent at Parkview as the color guard and cheerleaders.

For those of you that are interested in seeing how our dance team does this year, they will be at all of Parkview Basketball’s home games, the Parkview Homecoming Parade, the Lilburn Christmas Parade, and the Dance Shows for December and May.