Watching for Eden

Rory Abrams, Entertainment Editor

The Parkview performing arts department’s most recent work, Children of Eden, was a misical about bible stories. The stories were adapted to a book by John Caird. His book was in turn adapted into a play often preformed due to its name recognition. A big draw to this Musical was the elaborate animal costumes for the Ark scene and the live instrumental accompaniment throughout the Musical. The orchestra really showed their talent setting the mood and accompanying the actors.
Keaton Law said, “This is not a religious play, the word God was never even used, it is more about the telling of the bible stories themselves.”
The musical begins with Father (played by Connlaoi Fruit), being lonely, creating the universe to have some company. As actors appeared playing trees and breezes, the stage gradually became crowded with activity, in a mesmerizing swirl. Father, however, not being satisfied, proceeded to craft the first two humans named Adam (played by Shane Mathis) and Eve (played by Julia Byrne) out of dust.
As happy as could be expected in the Garden of Eden, Eve asked constant questions and had what she called “the spark of creation” which seems to be something like ambition or desire. Eve desired answers to those questions about the world which led her to be taken in by the snake, a bright five person character who honestly would take anyone in; I mean, a snake doing the cancan is very persuasive.
A major point in the plot was how Eve and Adam fell in love so when Eve ate the glowing apple, Adam was torn between the father and his lover. As was inevitable he decided eat the apple, to go with Eve, and leave the garden. So they were exiled to the wasteland with much singing and dancing.
Savanna Horner said, “My favorite scene was lost in the wilderness because Roman (Banks) has the most amazing voice.”
In the wilderness Adam and Eve made a family, leading to the Cain (played by Roman Banks) and Abel (played by Faraaz Roy). Cain also spoke of the spark of creation as he pursued freedom above worship and family. He ran away from his family to explore the wilderness, came back, killed his brother then ran away again. Father was mad at him and cursed him and his descendants and persecuted them throughout their generations.
Eve and Adam had a third child named Seth (played by LaMonte Peterson) who had a huge family and was the ancestor to all called the “Generations of Adam.”
Julia Byrne said, “it’s not so much about religion, its more about family relationships”
Eventually Eve Died with her now huge family and joined Father and Adam in the Garden. After an intermission the musical restarted during a huge celebration, lots of color, singing, and dancing. Picture a concert with the light show as people. After witch we are introduced to the character of Noah (Portrayed by will Reid), the lead of the Ark Arc. He had a lot of stage presence and great chemistry with his wife (Played by Constance Lewis) and son, Japheth (Sean Anderson) and his son’s to be wife Yonah.
Noah was another character who had the spark of creation. his main drive was survival of him and his family rather than Knowledge or freedom leading to a tense conclusion in which he holds his son and his to be wife life in his hands and ultimately decides to spare them rather than cast them out. This let them stranded in the water covered earth until they are guided home by the stars which were (nice touch by the way) all the other actors cast in that play who weren’t currently onstage. Truly they are stars in this musical.
“It was a powerful piece that I enjoyed directing and the students really connected with it.” said Mrs. Sharon Morrow