Follow Alice into Wonderland


Victoria McClure Taylor

Noelle Cameron and the cast leave the audience in awe with their stellar performances in Alice in Wonderland.

Rory Abrams and Jordan Rice

Some viewers may have noticed that the play Alice in Wonderland, which was recently acted out by the Parkview performing arts department, is not solely based on the story of Alice’s journey through Wonderland. It also includes elements from the popular novel by Lewis Carroll but it also included elements from Through the Looking-Glass, another book written by Mr. Carroll.
One main example of the switch was at the beginning of the play. Instead of the iconic falling in the Hole scene from the Wonderland book, the play drew from Through the Looking-Glass with Alice transporting through a mirror. It was very exciting to see the subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle changes to the plot and to not know exactly what was coming next.
“It was a really fun experience overall,” remarks junior Noelle Cameron,” I loved being Alice.”
While the plot of Alice in Wonderland is more about Alice’s adventures in the land of Wonderland, the plot of Through the Looking-Glass is more about Alice’s descent into madness, which explains the last scene from the play when she closed the curtains to all the madness that was the trial of the king’s assistant. The trial was indeed the climax of the show with the frantic yelling and the stories customary lack of logic.
“Drama really inspires a ‘get it done’ attitude, really showing that failure isn’t an option in the real world,” says drama director Ms. Morrow,” it also helps kids to see the big picture and learn about collaboration as a whole.”
At times the onstage dialogue didn’t reach the audience and it was sorely missed due to the high quality of its entertaining delivery. There also seemed to be very few times in the play where there was not at least one actor doing something in the background, which added to the feeling of insanity.
While many characters certainly left quite an impression, Paige Wiggins’ portrayal of the Queen of Hearts was truly a spectacle to see.
“I loved being the Queen of Hearts, it was a role that let me finally embrace my true self”, mentioned Paige when asked how she felt about the production.
It was a refreshing experience to see the contrast between the saneness of Alice and the delusion of all of the other characters.
Overall, the efforts of all our young Parkview thespians proved successful, as Alice in Wonderland made for a great and memorable viewing.