Nice to ‘meat’ you

Rory Abrams, Entertainment Editor

Not everyone eats meat, there are many different diets represented at Parkview. There are vegetarians, vegans, and pescetarians to name a few. While the different diets may seem confusing, they are rather simple. Pescatarians will eat fish to supplement their plant-based diet. They don’t eat meats like ham or chicken, but all seafood is fair game.Vegetarians do not eat any meat and live on a plant-based diet. While they won’t eat animals, they can eat animal- based products like cheese or eggs.

“I respect them a lot because they have the willpower not to eat meat, and I find it very admirable that vegetarians care about animal life,” said junior Shannon Bermudez

Finally, veganism is the most extreme diet. They do not eat animals or anything animal-based. This is much harder than it sounds considering they have to avoid anything with animal product in it. This includes some sugars, so one would have to live reading food labels. One can’t eat foods like Oreos or marshmallows either. A lot of processed food has animal byproducts like Albumin (the protein component of egg whites) or animal shortening (butter, suet, and lard).

“The social aspect of it can be difficult because it seems like all that any of your (non-vegan) friends want to eat is burgers or pizza (basically anything that vegans can’t eat). But if you’re willing to commit to this type of lifestyle and you’re surrounded by friends who understand and support you, I think it’s very possible to successfully be a vegan in high school,” says senior Elshaddai Girma

Food is necessary. Food keeps humans alive, it nurtures and heals. But people like to eat different things. Since meat is the modern human’s main source of protein in everyday life, to give it up means vegetarians and vegans need some source to replace it.
At Parkview carnivores are in a majority. Many meat munchers ask herbivores if they miss meat, because meat was always a big part of American culture.