International night showcases diversity


Nine Parkview seniors display their Indian pride through their attire.

Jordan Rice, Online Editor

On February 5th in the theater lobby Parkview students geared up for one spectacular event. Dozens of students from all over the world donned their traditional garb and prepared their best cultured cuisine for all the eager students, teachers, and parents who attended.

“It was cool seeing all the people in their traditional clothes. The food is really different than what I’m used to, but still really good, “says junior Steven David.

The event was headed by members of the newly renamed club known as the Global Activists, (previously known as STAFF), and sponsored by Mr. Murphy. Their major goal for the event was to inspire greater social acceptance and proper education of the many youth in our community. When asked about her views, supporting teacher Ms. Lazenby had a lot to say on the subject;

“It’s extremely important that students become open-minded as they prepare to grow into adults, the chance to boldly express their culture really empowers them, and even allows for those around them to feel no shame expressing their own individual cultures.”

However the food wasn’t the only memorable event of the night. Multiple amazing performances by very talented young men and women showed the dozens of students in attendance the rich and varied cultures of many countries around the world such as an internationally acclaimed Indian young man and a very serene Honduran dance.

“It’s been a riveting experience, being able to experience such a widely diverse and beautiful spectrum of culture,” remarked sophomore Angad Joshi.

Overall, the students who attended the event enjoyed, specifically for the blend of cultural and social education that the ethnically varied students presented.

“It was really an eye opening experience,” mentioned senior Zehra Siddiqui.