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Campbell, Hannah

Want to advertise in the online or print edition of The Pantera?


Heidi Campbell, Pantera Adviser
[email protected]
Office: (770) 279-6513

2015-2016 Pantera PRINT Issues will hit the stands:

Issue 1:  Nov. 12, 2015

Issue 2: Dec. 10, 2015

Issue 3: Feb. 18, 2016

Issue 4: April 11, 2016


The Parkview High School Pantera


ADVERTISER INFORMATION: (please print clearly)


Company/ Patron Name: ___________________________________________________


Contact Person Name & Title:  _________________________________________________

Company/ Patron Address: ___________________________________________________

City: ______________________ State: _____  Zip: ______________

Phone:  ______________________

Company/ Patron Email: ___________________________________________________

STUDENT SALESPERSON NAME:  ___________________________________________

Advertising/ Patron RATE INFORMATION:

We must have the contract and payment to reserve ad space. Ad deadlines are in table below rates.

*AD SIZE OPTIONS DETAILS/ DESCRIPTIONS Note: Some ads may appear larger in print. Cost per issue # of Print Issues (circle preference) Total Due
1/16 page Business card size (5.5”x 2.125”) $25.00 1  2  3  4   ALL
1/8  page “Double” business card size (5.5”x 4.25”) $50.00 1  2  3  4   ALL
1/4  page Circle : horizontal or Vertical (5.5”x 8.5”) $75.00 1  2  3  4   ALL
1/2  page (11”x 8.5”) (horizontal only) $100.00 1  2  3  4   ALL
FULL pg. (11” x 17”) $200.00 1  2  3  4   ALL
INSERTS Advertiser provides 1500 inserts, we stuff! $200.00 1  2  3  4   ALL
ONLINE AD One business card size ad, runs entire school year for one time fee. (Advertiser may send  up to 4 updated ads throughout the year). $50.00 N/A
PATRONS Patron names appear in each print issue in the “PATRON BOX”. Patron cost is $5.00 per issue. 1  2  3  4   ALL

Please explain any special instructions/ notes on the back of this contract.


2015-16 AD Deadlines:

Issue 1: Oct. 21 (Nov. 12 Distribution)                       Issue 3: Jan. 27 (Feb. 18 Distribution)

Issue 2: Nov. 17 (Dec. 10 Distribution)                      Issue 4: Mar. 10 (April 11 Distribution)

**Payment (checks only) is due at the time this contract is signed. Payment shall be due in full and all checks shall be made out to PARKVIEW High School. The undersigned hereby agrees to the terms and conditions of this contract and, by signing, personally guarantees payment. The Pantera reserves the right to refuse any advertisement copy that does not adhere to the standards set by GCPS and the administration of PHS.  Thank you.


This is a STUDENT–RUN newspaper. Our staff changes each year. Please understand that the student staff members are learning this business. We appreciate your  patience, understanding, and, of course, support!  We aim to have 100% satisfied patrons and advertisers. We rely on 100% outside fundraising and advertising to publish our paper.

Thank you for your continuing support our program.

 -The Pantera Staff


For a full printable copy of this contract please follow the link below.



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